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Do you want to put your life on pause for a few-day trip? Explore some nature, put your mind somewhere else. Come join us in Scotland, where you can either stay in our Off-Grid Cabin or go even further and learn some Fly Fishing. Scroll below to learn more.


Want to be disconnected from social media for a few days? Enjoy the peace and quiet in our 'Off-Grid Cabin,' in the beautiful nature in Scotland. You can sit by a bonfire at night, explore the Inchmarlo forest, and rest in your off-grid cabin by yourself, or with your significant other. Tap the image or blue icon ("Learn More") to know more about our 'Off-Grid Cabin.'


If you are a beginner or expert in ''Fly Fishing' come join us in Scotland to have an unforgettable experience that will help you relax and unwind with like-minded individuals or solo. The MotiFactor team will help prepare everything to make your life as easy as possible. Or if you want as much action as possible, join this summer when the fish are the most active. Tap the image or blue icon ("Learn More") to know more about our 'Fly Fishing.'


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About Jasper

My name is Jasper Mulder, I am a coach, and in 2004 I founded MotiFactor. I now have a lot of experience in coaching and guiding people. I am continuously studying, and following courses about the human body, nutrition, and the power of meditation. I now use this knowledge and years of experience to help people move forward in their lives. I am married, and have three children. I live in Leiden

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