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Off-grid cabin: Scotland



The ultimate way to enjoy nature!


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To rent: a unique experience. Enjoy the peace and room in Scotland, in our off-grid cabin.

You can cook on the open fire, you can heat the water on a hidden stove, and the electricity comes from solar panels. Read more about our cabin below the pictures. 

Reservation fee per booking € 85,-
Per night € 100,- minimum two nights and maximum 2 persons.

One with the nature

The cabin of MotiFactor is located on the edge of a Scottish forest in the town of Inchmarlo. There is room for two people who enjoy the outdoors.

The cabin itself is an old shipping container that now offers space for a bed, a sitting area, and a wood-burning stove.

Nearby are a few benches and the fire pit. Next to it is the kitchen with hot water and a dining table.

Next to the cabin, out of sight, you can easily park your car.

The cabin is remote and only the owners occasionally come by to work further in the woods or to walk the dogs.

You spend the days caring for food and warmth, in between you read a book in the hammock or go on a discovery tour in the area. Of course, there are plenty of walks and beautiful laces in the area.

Off-grid. How does that work?

The cabin is completely off-grid. There is not connection to existing networks. WiFi is not available, but the coverage of mobile internet is very good. There are USB connections in the kitchen and by the bed, which you can use to charge phones, and, for example, a photo camera.

The water comes from a natural source higher up the hill. For showering and washing up you can heat it via a special wood stove. 


Cooking is done over an open fire. There is enough firewood behind the kitchen and elsewhere on the property. Of course, you can also chop it yourself. 

If the evening gets too chilly, you can relax in the insulated cabin. There is also a stove that provides wonderful warmth.

Liking off-grid takes time but provides peace and space, in the mind and body. It is a way to really get away from it all, less than a few hours from Amsterdam.

Book directly and go to Scotland

The cabin is available for rent. The price includes; accommodation, bed linen, towels, electricity, water, any taxes, and the use of wood. 

Not including; the journey to the location of the cabin (a bus stop nearby!) and other costs that have nothing to do with the above.

It is also possible to rent this cabin including a guide by Jasper. In consultation, he makes a program for the visitors. Think of excursions, workshops, walks, and other nice things to discover the environment, nature, and perhaps yourself.