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What do people say about MotiFactor and Jasper?

Read the stories of former participants and participants who are now members here!


Andy Brees

Jasper and I did some crazy things in the late 90's, we started teaching inline skating together at SportCity which (mistakenly) led us to believe that we might do OK at skate-races. We ended up doing some adventure racing which are multiday endurance events using different methods of transport with a map to guide you to the checkpoints. You really get to know someone well when you are abseiling off a Scottish highlands mountain at 3 am with shorts on in 2 degrees centigrade. Jasper has always got your back. He often got us out of a sticky situation during these multi-day-with-no-sleep races with his cool head and Jasper logic. He doesn't claim to be academic, but he would survive far longer on a remote island, and be a lot happier than most of us. I know many coaches who "talk the talk", but struggle to "walk the walk", I know Jasper does both very well. That's why he always had to face the camera's after a race while I sloped off :-). 
The fact that he has been guiding groups in retreat-type situations now for 25 years (Jasper started the "Outdoor" department of SportCity Leiden) since our first summer camp in Morgins, Switzerland, says all you need to know. He does it very well and he absolutely loves doing it.
I can't wait to join him in his latest venture near Aberdeen, Scotland this spring. I am going to very much enjoy checking out the wildlife and breathing the clean, healthy Scottish air.

Andy founder at Brees consulting en deelnemer aan Schotland reis


Helen de Haan

I can recommend Jasper to everyone: as a coach, as a sparring partner, or as an expert, he is equally experienced, but above all personally involved. If Jasper says he is there for you, you can count on it 100%! Jasper is a coach who lives his profession as a calling, can't say anything else!!

Helen de Haan, Trainer & Coach for Resilience, Workplace Wellbeing & Mental Health, Career re-orientation


Robert Jan Stoop

Jasper has been guiding me for years in achieving my goals. On the sporting side, he helped me run the New York Marathon in under four hours and row 100 kilometers in one day. But he also helped me get back on my feet during intensive rehabilitation after a serious traffic accident. Jasper is a professional, but above all a very nice, positive guy, with whom you can bring out the best in yourself.

Robert Jan Stoop  advocaat, mediator en sparringpartner


Florianna Luppino


Since 3 years Jasper and I have done several projects together. For example, he helped me to devise and carry out my winter sports research. And I helped him to scientifically test his product Motinductor (a hybrid program that aims to improve lifestyle). The results turned out to be promising and successful! Our shared conviction was the basis for this cooperation. For me it was a very successful collaboration. Not so much because of the results (yes, also of course) but mainly because of the content. Jasper is a very creative, open-minded and nuanced person. He can switch quickly and make the link between an idea, things that are and are not feasible and therefore the practical implementation. He is driven, pragmatic in his approach, equal and respectful in his dealings. He also has extremely well-developed social feelers: he knows exactly where someone's sensitive chord lies, and how to hit it (or not). In addition to the extensive substantive knowledge of his field, his personal qualities are what make him a special person and a good coach! Thank you Jasper for this great collaboration!

Floriana Luppino, MD PhD I Arts bij Eurocross en deelnemer aan verschillende activiteiten en onderzoeken


Aart Spilt

"Exercising and watching your nutrition is not that complicated in itself, but changing your lifestyle so that it is something that is in "your system" is another story. Jasper can do this like no other!"

Aart is lid van de MotiFactor Club en begonnen in 2012



Which MotiFactor program are you doing? Life Coaching Startup.

Why did you team up with MotiFactor? I had heard positive stories about it through a good friend.

What did you run into before you started the MotiFactor program? I found it difficult to tackle my healthy food lifestyle and lose weight.

What is the help of MotiFactor? For me it is inspiring and a big stick behind the door.

How does the MotiFactor program fit into your daily life? It fits well. I also know that if I don't get around to a number of things that I can always start over.

What is your target? I would like a healthy BMI! And eat healthier and learn more about it and, above all, start doing it. MotiFactor's guidance is via Whatsapp and an app, among other things.

How does that work? I find it doable and surprisingly effective. I actually didn't think so. The funny thing is that Jasper my coach appears to live around the corner from me. That's why we were able to meet live once. That was really fun too. We also made an item together for my radio item Masters on the move that I make with Gerry van Bakel from Sleutelstad fm.


Greet has been a member for two years, now Greet makes programs in Drenthe together with Jasper


Jeroen Blüm

Jasper is een ervaren life-coach, die met een gebalanceerd programma (voeding, training, meditatie) al enige tijd coacht. Hij doet dat op authentieke en inspirerende wijze. Hij heeft mij altijd weten te motiveren mijn persoonlijke doelen na te streven.

Jeroen Blüm Investing in "High-Impact" products and services for "Low-Income" people in the Base of the Pyramid

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So far it's going well. I am more conscious about my food. I also try not to set the late so high for myself mentally. Rather small steps that succeed than big one that fails and demotivates. Losing weight is going well, I'm proud of myself. Moving is becoming more and more part of my day. Do the exercises and cycle a lot. Even the meditations help me, never expected, but through simple breathing exercises, I manage to leave irritations at work behind me faster. All in all, I feel like a lucky person.

Inge - Life Coaching Start-up - blijft liever anoniem


"I started the MotiFactor program 6 weeks ago. What appealed to me so much is the consultation that is always there. People often text with the question whether everything is going well. If you have any questions, you will receive an answer very quickly. with a basic program but it can always be adapted to something that suits you better. Both the diet and the exercises. The people at MotiFactor are so motivated and enjoy their work that you get sucked into it even if you are in the pit is because things are not going the way you want. I am very happy that I have found them in my fight against the kilos. "

Karin Boog
, oud deelnemer in 2015